Janeites Assemble!

AGM2015In just one week I’ll be attending my first ever Annual General Meeting of the Jane Austen Society of North America!  The AGM takes place in a different city every year, so I feel very lucky that this year the location is just a few hours’ drive away from me in Louisville Kentucky.

I’m very excited by the different talks and presentations scheduled for the weekend. Amanda Vickery, historian and TV presenter, is one of the featured speakers!  Since I don’t have any clothes appropriate to Jane Austen’s era (yet!), I won’t be participating in some of the festivities, like a promenade and ball.

Dear readers, are you joining the Janeites in Louisville?  If so, I’d love to meet you in person! I’ll bring my calling cards!  Or if you’ve ever been to past AGMs, do you have advice for a novice like me?

8 thoughts on “Janeites Assemble!

  1. We MUST get together! Are you staying in the conference hotel? My first AGM was Philly in 2009, but this is only my fourth. I never dress, but my roommate does. People do what they please – so, don’t worry! ENJOY!! will email you. Kelly


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