Letters for Mme. Bettinger

Letters for Mme BettingerThis week I was busy getting these letters ready to mail to 1814! I just took them to the post office this morning (swaddled in a boring modern envelope).  I’ll share more details about the research and materials that went into them soon. I started doing some research on letter-writing in Jane Austen’s era last summer, so I jumped at the chance to dust it off and make something tangible with it. I may have gone a little overboard!

There’s still some time to write a letter of your own to the milliners and their friends at Mme. Bettinger’s shop in 1814- the cut-off date for mail is May 15. You don’t need to study period handwriting to participate- I did because that’s my thing! Also, I am over-the-top nerdy about this stuff.

Learn more at Kleidung um 1800: Letters Part ILetters Part II

Letters For Mme Bettinger Back

9 thoughts on “Letters for Mme. Bettinger

  1. I truly can’t tell you how excited we are! Thank you so much for sending off such beautifully letters – your handwriting and attention to detail are amazing.
    Learning a new handwriting is as challenging as learning a new language, but you master this really well, the letters look so real.


    1. Don’t despair! This particular project’s deadline has passed, but a Royal Navy re-enactment group, H.M.S. Acasta, is doing a similar one in the autumn. The Acastas organize a mail packet every year, and is the inspiration for Madame Bettinger’s mail project. Check out the “call for letters” here: http://www.hmsacasta.com/2015/04/calling-all-writers.html
      and more posts about their mail packet here: http://www.hmsacasta.com/search/label/Mail%20Packet


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