Send a Letter to 1814

A quick update- I feel ready to celebrate my accomplishments by making a “Schoolpiece” or sampler of my elegant 18th century handwriting, but I’ve run into some difficulties reproducing a writing blank. I’ve been grumbling in frustration for a while rather than writing and posting. Sorry!

But I’ve gotten very excited about a project that will use my handwriting skills in a new way.  Sabine of the amazing bilingual blog Kleidung Um 1800 has sent out an open call for letters as part of her re-enactment of a Milliner’s shop in Westphalia (now part of Germany) in 1814. It’s modelled on the HMS Acasta’s Mail Packet which seems to be on hiatus this year which has been postponed to September this year. If you’d like to learn more (and maybe contribute a letter of your own), check out these posts on Kleidung Um 1800 (look for the English portions in italics beneath each paragraph of German):

Letters Part I  —  Letters Part II

I’ve had a lot of fun researching and planning letters, and I can’t wait to share with you what I’ve learned! While I put the finishing touches on that project, I have some posts planned about other writing-related topics from Jane Austen’s era. Don’t forget to check out my Pinterest boards and my Tumblr!

Image: Detail from “The Love Letter”, Willem Bartel van der Kooi, 1808. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.


2 thoughts on “Send a Letter to 1814

  1. Thank you most kindly for supporting our project with such a fantastic post!
    We are truly looking forward to receiving your letter. This kind of ‘long-distance-reenactment’ is an exciting novelty for us, and we do hope to spread the idea of the importance of letter writing in context with portraying the era.
    There surely will be more posts about the letters accompanying the “Putz & Modenhandlung Mme Bettinger” project (especially after the event, when all the letters have been read and admired).


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