Dear Readers,

Interior with Young Woman Tracing a Flower, c.1820–22 by Louise-Adéone Drölling. St. Louis Art Museum.

Thanks for your support for my project! I am trying to settle down to a regular posting schedule of 2-3 times a week, so stay tuned.  I have a mix of posts planned for the next few weeks that I hope you will find interesting. Since my progress reports on handwriting tend to be very black and white, I’ll also be sharing some more colorful art and objects from real, historical Accomplished Ladies (like Louise Drolling’s painting above) and more thoughts on accomplishments in Jane Austen’s writings.

A few items of news to tide you over until the next post:

I’ve updated my About page with more details about this project. Read about the original Lady Smatter, why I chose the date range 1770-1820, and my philosophy on primary sources!

If you like this blog, there are other ways you can follow me:

  • Follow me on Tumblr for updates, sneak peeks, and daily images from the Georgian and Regency periods. I also cross-post Her Reputation posts there, so if you already tumble it’s a great way to follow this project.
  • I just joined Pinterest as well, so if you have fallen down that particular rabbit hole to wonderland you can find me there too!

I welcome your comments and questions!

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